The Gabor Agency

Lead Designer

Brannon Solomon

Creative Director

Jacob Waites

In making this brand I took the role of a potential consumer and asked myself the questions anyone would when deciding on who to trust with my money and my financial needs: what does this company represent? What are their ideals? Who are they? In an age of endless options and variety, these are questions that need to be addressed up front, and this is where a successful brand sets you apart from your competition.

The goal of this brand is to answer these questions and more. The lighthouse is a beacon. It guides ocean-faring mariners to port, but it can also guide them away from danger. It’s strong; it weathers the maelstroms that pass its shores, and it protects its keepers. It’s a symbol of the promise of safety in a vast and unpredictable ocean.

Every Gabor representative embodies these ideals; they offer guidance and safety when winds rise and the sea gets rough, and they’re reliable when waters are calm as well.

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